About Us

Projet FOX

The Projet FOX, created at the end of 2020, is a pseudonymous group dedicated to the promotion of intelligence and its techniques and their application to crises and armed conflicts.

We are first and foremost passionate about OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and have decided to share our knowledge with the largest possible audience. Our in-depth analysis of international crises is therefore done by applying our techniques in direct coordination with our entire community.

To do this, we have a public Discord with innovative means, where we share our investigations and where we help each other in our research. It is open to all, OSINT enthusiasts or not. The goal is to learn together !

But first of all, what is OSINT?

The OSINT sector has evolved a lot in the last few years, its techniques are now numerous and constantly reworked by a real community of enthusiasts and professionals.

A brief definition of this discipline, however vast, can be made by admitting that OSINT consists in a set of more or less sophisticated methods allowing to gather, sort and analyze information from public sources.

OSINT is therefore an essential part of intelligence and investigation operations.

What about the other disciplines we promote?

The Projet FOX, in an effort to promote intelligence in its entirety, is currently focusing its research on three additional disciplines:

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is the term used to describe all the methods of gathering information from the individual himself. Originally practiced during real exchanges, the democratization of digital technology has opened up a real cyber component to this sector. We therefore highlight all the techniques that ensure the proper implementation of social engineering through digital communication tools (social networks, e-mails, etc.).

  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT): geospatial intelligence refers to all the methods used to exploit geospatial images (aerial and satellite, for example) in order to extract useful information and identify different entities. Combined with IMINT (image intelligence), it allows the analysis of various media such as photographs and videos published online in order to determine their precise geolocation.

  • Cybersecurity (abbreviated here as CYBERSEC): with a more security-oriented focus, we also promote the broad area of cybersecurity, which would require a project of its own. Here, the Projet FOX intends to raise awareness about digital risks and the tools to compromise users. We are therefore working on the various methods of compromising credentials, websites and local networks.

All of these disciplines can only be mastered through regular practice, which is why we have decided with our community to apply these methods to the in-depth analysis of various armed conflicts and crises taking place around the world.

As a preventive measure, our teams would like to remind you that the Projet FOX does not encourage in any way the infringement of privacy and other fundamental freedoms, freedoms that we seek to protect through awareness.